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Thursday, June 8, 2017

So here goes some 'Light-Hearted Lifestyle content' on Raw Food as Lidl says this is the way to engage people!!

It is not what you eat but what you don't eat that keeps you healthy

Why is organic, raw, vegan food a necessity rather than an option?
I've only just realized that very few people know that over half of every meal SHOULD be raw, if you want to prevent cancer and other illnesses "
There are over 100 trillion organisms in the gut, that make up ¾ of our immune system.

And, of course, everything must be 'organic'. The organic brands are not a pricey range that you could never afford, it is really worth shifting your mindset to thinking right, just eat less but real non contaminated food.

Organic simply means that an ingredient has 'not been dowsed repeated in carcinogenic chemicals at every stage of growing, ripening and preservation'. And, no, just because a product is on the shelf in a shop does not mean it is okay to eat. Always bear in mind that if you buy and eat something one year and the deteriorating health shows up a year or two later, there is no accountability, traceability and, yes, the retailers know this, the food industry knows this and doctors and pharmaceutical companies benefit from it.

People should be eating raw food
It is not a sustainability issue or a lifestyle choice. The medical science is outlined below by the Children's Cancer Prevention periodical.

Raw food does not mean only chopped up fruit and salad.

Everything, except potatoes and meat can be eaten raw. Grate it, chop it small, marinade it. If it's beans soak them and sprout them, if it's nuts they are even better for you soaked over night. Soon you will only like the taste of raw dishes. The internet is full of amazing recipes. The place to start is, what do I have in my cupboard? Then tap into google, 'raw recipes with ...carrot or whatever you have'

The science behind raw food

"Paul Kouchakoff M.D. a doctor from Switzerland was the first to show from this research in the 1930's that if you eat a diet consisting of 51% or more of cooked foods, that your body reacts as if it were being invaded by a foreign organism.

Your body reacts this way because, even if the food is lightly steamed, the enzymes within the food are lost. Enzymes are key to digestion and they are key to the use of nutrients by the body. Without the presence of these enzymes your body treats the cooked food as a toxin and goes into a state known as 'leukocytosis'.

Digestive leukocytosis generates white cell acivity against the cooked food you've eaten because the cooking process has bastardised the molecular integrity of the food in a way that makes it appear as a toxin.

Dr. Kouchakoff also showed from his research that if 51% of more of your diet consisted of raw foods that you would have no leukocytosis. Meaning that your imune system would not be activated with a false alarm."

Published by Salubrious Periodicals

Diet must contain plant based protein. 

Meat cannot be eaten raw and 50% of the protein in anything cooked is lost. Secondly, plants are easier to digest than meat.

 The Science behind Plant-based Protein

Written regarding Spirulina - to be found in any health food shop: "Spirulina was consumed in Mexico city as the primary protein source for 5,000 years. It is the highest protein content food in the world. The 'Max Planck Institute' discovered that 50% of protein is destroyed in any food by the cooking process. Therefore plant based protein sources should be a key part of any diet. Plant based proteins are fully bio-available as well, meaning that they are incredibly easy for your body to absorb." 

For me? I have been alive and thriving on a plant-based diet for 16 years, lots of organic for 4 years and perfecting raw cuisine for 1 year. You can start anywhere with this; a health need, something about the welfare of animals pricking your conscience, the environment or a love of food preparation and dinner parties. But at least put the information in your pipe and smoke it! If you need help with the transition to a better diet, I will definitely help.


The difference between medical care and natural health care

Again the information comes from the Registered Charity no. 1026049
The first treats symptoms and the second prevents illness.

The 4 Steps of Natural Health Care are outlined as:

1. Emotional Balance

Negative emotions have been proven to be an immunosuppressive. Healthy emotions are reflected in the state of the body.

2. Nutrition

Fulfilling your body's nutritional requirements enables your body to function in a state of health and vitality.

3. Activity

Regular activity maintains and promotes health.

4. Detoxification

Look to remove the things in your environment and diet which are causing toxicity in your body.

Facebook's Emotion-Reading Technology! Maintain a poker-player's expression - give nothing away!

We really need to be living by consciousness rather than emotion so Do we want facebook to sponsor emotion-reading technology to decide what we will feel next?
Hang on, this can only go three ways 1) Compound emotions. Depress vegans further before bed time! 2) Mood enhancement. Deliver ill-timed comedy to those grieving or 3) Have their own agenda. Deliver a synthesized emotion that 'they' want us to have, like a felt need to 'Buy something because you haven't enough and you aren't enough' or a fluoride-esque anaesthetic: 'Don't worry about anything, everyone's fine'.

We're going to have to get really good at observing what are our own feelings and ideas and what are facebook's/the new world order/government/corporations. I know HAARP have been doing the latter for years. Where Tesla saw the potential to shield the planet using the matched frequency of the human heart and that of the ionisphere, HAARP, I gather, decided instead to synthesize the negative emotions of rage and crisis and send them around to deignated destinations instead. Hence, the widespread fear and self destructive tendencies.

Was it back in the 80s that we saw this nano technology tested on a psychiatric patient to stabilize and destabilize them? The more I think aboout Facebook observing how rushed, yet absorbed, yet rattled most people are, the more of an easy target I realize we are to be controlled. So the only answer is stay on top of this, everyone! Be very careful to only beam out love and compassion ... and then observe equally carefully if that is what you are getting back. If you get something different back from FB, you will know and must remember and keep remembering that you could be being manipulated so to hold on to that independence of heart and mind, for dear life....and keep your phone out of the bedroom, lights off, preferably salt light on for some negative ions - which are good by the way - and anything else you can think of!

Suddenly, I'm glad this has come up as it's another chance to notice technology's effect on each of us on a daily basis. The human heart is stronger but don't lose touch with it!